Historic Huntington House    304-919-1095     1349 Sixth Avenue, Huntington, WV 
The Historic Huntington House, built in 1888 by Collis P. Huntington and Delos Emmons for the Central Land Company, was opened in 2010 by the Stafford Family as a "Special Place for Special Happenings" in Huntington, West Virginia.

Since then, we have hosted many wonderful weddings, showers, meetings and parties. We offer this beautiful venue with the optional lovely intimate courtyard to make your next special event something wonderful to remember.

Aside from our private meetings and parties, we are very pleased that our public events, including Jazz Night, Americana Coffee House, Christmas in July, Jingle Bell Fur Ball and other events always benefit a local charity!

As of July 1, 2015, the Huntington House will no longer be available as a Special Events Venue. The Stafford Family is pleased to have offered this beautiful place as a “Special Place for Special Happenings” for the last five years, but will now focus our full attention on our Music Business. We want to thank you for the wonderful experience of serving the community in this way!
For more information regarding our music business, visit www.onesallband.com.

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